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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Multiple Captain Theory Brewing in RCB Den

Dear Sreelata,

It\'s a good information.

To me the IPL is a business game, and the men at the helm of affairs are taking some of the foolish decisions regarding cricket. Now we have to bear with some more complex issues in cricketing matters like multiple captains, strategy break, flat bat etc. in the days ahead.

Please visit my blog on multiple captaincy titled \"Dump the four captains, involve one Indian\" and comment.

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Arjun without Krishna

The veteran Congress leader and Minister for Human Resources, Arjun Singh finally tumbled from the good books of the Congress high command. At this descending age of political career, Arjun hoped to assign his legacy to his daughter Veena Singh. He begged earnestly to the Congress President for the parliamentary seats of Satna and Sidhi of Madhya Pradesh to be given to his daughter and son respectively, which the Congress President has turned down. After the list was unveiled, shocking Arjun could not hide his emotions, and uttered, “after putting in loyalty for such a long time, is this what I gained?” We have heard similies from his wife Saroj Singh in one of Arjun's recently published book “Had Sonia made him the President of the country, what would have troubled?” Now, the irony is that the high command has instructed its once blue eyed boy to campaign at Sidhi for his party, the Congress, where his daughter is now contesting as an independent candidate.

A wily politician as he is known in the circle, Arjun has been a sycophant all along who always pleases his bosses with his words and deeds. It all began during the period when Sanjay Gandhi was at the helm of affairs. The vibrant leader was a Krishna to Arjun. But as soon as Sanjay died, Arjun didn't waste time and his sycophancy took him closer to Rajeev Gandhi who then became his new avatar. After the demise of Rajeev Gandhi, it took almost half a decade for his widow to come to term with the activity outside home. When Arjun couldn't downsize the then PM Narasimha Rao and Congress President Sitaram Kesri, Singh was amongst few who persisted Sonia Gandhi to take the reign. After 2004 general election, when Sonia decided not to become PM herself, Singh tried his level best to be the real Arjun of Sonia. After considerable thought, Sonia handed over the baton to another Singh who she thought more dependable, though Singh was given an important birth in the Cabinet. Honestly, which human being does not like flattery and servility being offered, Sonia was no exception. Time was running out for Arjun who, being a wily politician, guessed that Manmohan could not continue for long and he himself must prepare a smooth pitch so that it becomes easy for his succession as Prime Minister.

He knew very well that sycophancy to Sonia is not enough, because his party is full of crawlers. He therefore needed one more Krishna to grab the highest post. In 2005, he suddenly became the messiah of the dalits and brought in bills for further reservations to OBCs in higher education in addition to protection of creamy layers. His ambition bulldozed the nation-wide protests of students. Arjun was amused to see himself the only messiah of the dalits, who he now saw as his new Krishna. A game which he played very effectively. But the real Krishna laughed at him from the heaven. As Arjun became invalid, using wheelchairs, due to ageing, he thought this would not help him getting the prize catch. He begged for the post of the President of India, to his high command in 2007, which incidentally was turned down. Sonia and her coterie realises that there is no new issues pertaining to reservations to dalits seem catching during the coming election, they prefer to dump the old cow. Krishna has left him. Finally, when his kins were denied the tickets, it was seen as the last nail fixed in the career of Arjun's coffin. Arjun is fuming when Jayanti Natarajan remarked that what more he expects the party to give him, when he has had enough.

There is a saying that one who digs grave for others, falls down there himself. The students who were beaten up mercilessly during the campaigns of 2005 and 2007 must be giggling now at the downfall of present day Arjun. And the real Krishna feels relieved.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What a joy! We could be affluent

The day seems not to far when we could be richer by 70 lakh crores of rupees or US $ 1400 billion by bringing back the black money stashed in swiss banks. It's a huge sum of money, and the matter is taken up by the main opposition party as their important election issue. Looking at the current recession and job cuts, the governments of United States and Germany have raised the curtain to recover the illegal money flown into foreign banks. Before it could take any ugly turn, the Swiss authority assures that they would cooperate if the concerned governments initiate the proceedings. Though the amount of money stored in foreign banks by Indians are the largest amount by any country, our government seemed gasping on the hearing of the story, as expected, and did not pursue the matter, as yet.

When it seemed to be either a matter of election hype, the issue of bringing back the black money has been filed by none other than the charismatic lawyer Ram Jethmalani along with others before the Supreme Court. The PIL will come for hearing now, and thus the country would anxiously watch how our Finance Minister rescript the government position, when asked.

Summarily, the amount is so large that even if it is distributed amongst the one billion population, each person would receive an amount of Rs. 70,000 cash. If we presume that each family in India consists of only four members (which is not, it is much more), each family could make its own house for decent living from its share of Rs.2,80,000. This is really a matter of sheer joy, and must receive an accolade by all if it is taken up as a real election plank.

It is however said that all this money belongs to the influential people of this country, and cannot be recovered so easily. Promoters of big industrial groups, politicians, bureaucrats, senior police officials are in nexus in siphoning off these huge wealth from this country. In 2007 Vikram Chander established his claim of aspirating off black money to the swiss account by the senior police officials, businessmen and politicians in his book “Sacred Games”. The book evokes with devastating realism of how huge wealth is garnered by the influential people and brings in trouble in the society. Two years have since passed, no one in the authority seemed to have cared.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Good Taliban, Bad Taliban

Aren't we living in a world of fools, or more precisely, we are living in the world manouvered by few notable pranksters? The rulers of Pakistan viz. its PM Geelani, President Zardari and Army Chief , General Kiyani have very diligently been able to convince the US President Barack Obama that they have discovered some Talibans who are good enough to make business with. President Obama who was looking for a plan to escape from the current dismal situation of Pakistan, didn't waste time, and announced the presence of good taliban and bad taliban. But we are yet to listen from the President, the demarcation line of these talibans.

Though not delivered any definition, the Washington may have firm conviction that those who have taken up weapons and look forward to the war against the US are the real threat to the human kind, and are categorically called the bad taliban. However, those who fall short of this activity are moderate, and are good taliban. Now the Obama rank and file are occupied with a deal with these good taliban, through Islamabad.

Let's focus our discussion on who these good talibans are. Good talibans believe in the ideology of a chauvinistic theocracy who are desparate in moulding the modern muslim world into a regressive region. In doing so, they would attack the society from within. They do not involve in restoring any sympathy from anyone. The believers discourage the modern education system, the women's liberation and they discard the modern judiciary ruefully. It's the women who are the worst sufferers wherever talibans seize the area under their control. In order to pacify the talibans, the Karzai government has newly introduced the family law bill, with the consent of its US masters. Amongst many, the law states that the husband of the family will be the complete master, the women need to take permission from their husband wherever they move, women would have no right to the custody of their children.

These good talibans are now the blue eyed boys of the US administration. President Obama desires to work with these good samaritans. However, all the eyes of the world cried out watching a video clip from Swat, a Pakistani region. Two good talibans have subjugated a 17 year old Chand Bibi to the floor and another good taliban was engaged in lashing her with a whip for around 40 times. Bibi was accused of being seen with a man who was not her father or brother. Bibi was crying, knowing fully well that her tears would not soak those who are at the helm of affairs, though it has saturated the souls of all the human beings living in this world.

Now who would decide whether the talibans are good or bad? Will President Zardari or PM Geelani or President Obama has any right to declare that? Have they ever met the eyes of their own daughters, after watching the video clipping? Or we may leave the decision to Chand Bibi who would be the perfect person to decide whether there can be any good taliban. Until we receive the unbiased comment from either Chand Bibi or the brute whip, we may rest the decision with the souls who have witnessed the ghastly act shown on the video clipping.

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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dump the four Captains Theory, Involve just one Indian

The recent furore over four captains in an IPL Team recommended by KKR owner and coach does not sound impressive. The eminent former cricketers Gavaskar, Vengsarkar and recently Glen McGrath and a few lot, have conveyed their aversion on the new theory propagated by cinestar Shah Rukh Khan. It sounds ridiculous having numerous captains in one side. The game of cricket, whichever is its format, needs a captain who commands an absolute respect in the team. Mike Brearley, Nawab Pataudi and Bobby Simpson will always be remembered for their master craftsmanship of the game. But the owner of KKR has explained that being an owner of a cricket company he has every right to play with the constitution of the game. He might have forgotten that bringing in such ideas could enhance feud amongst the players and could jeopardize the interest of the team.

The current popularity of the IPL needs further momentum to increase its grace drawing a parallel with English Premier League. The BCCI has enough grit to endure to carry on with the game as scheduled against the wishes of the government. It is time now to involve each person of the country with the magnanimity of the game. Where cricket is considered as religion, its people must get more from the game, just not being the spectators of it. The IPL may include one Indian, who is not registered with the BCCI, per match into each team. It may sound hilarious, but would create sensation countrywide if taken seriously.

Let us analyse the permutation of IPL in its next session. Of the regular eleven players who would play in a match, one would come from common men in each of the team. In every game, a new look from the people would play. Thereby, each team would have 14 new non-regulars, four more for the semi-finalists and two to add for the finalists. In doing so, out of the 59 matches to be played, 118 non-regular players would get chance to play with their idols and heroes. How would these non regulars come? By paying a nominal fee of Re.1 or Rs.10, any Indian citizen above the age of 14 may respond to the franchise clubs, who would then select their 17 people through computerised lottery. Ours is a country of one billion people. If only half of them respond, it would accrue a simple amount of five hundred millions of rupees, if the fee is Re.1. This new concept would have no precedence and the people of India would be looked upon by other nationals with envy. In a year or two, the IPL season would turn out to be a festival season for the Indians. What a whopping amount would reach in the coffer of each sponsor? Apart from these, people of all ages would attend physical exercise to make themselves fit presuming they could receive calls anytime. Similarly, adoloscents would detest smoking for the similar reasons.

Can anyone convey this proposal to BCCI(Shashank Manohar), IPL(Lalit Modi) and Shah Rukh Khan?

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Friday, April 3, 2009

The Real Al Qaida

During the one month of the onslaught that was unleashed by the Nato forces on the terrains of Afganistan after the 9/11 debacle, most British nationals were of the opinion that Osama Bin Laden was no more alive. The allied forces kept on bombing ruthlessly on the surface of Afganistan, sent its specialist infantry to capture the most dreaded terrorist alive, and announced a reward of US$ five million on the head of the prized catch. It really did not take ten days to capture Afganistan from the hands of Taliban, when thousands of people died and a country was smashed to dust. People had no money, but no one came out to hand over the catch and tried to make a fortune. As for creating awe, the US brought Guantanamo bay prison, combo searching generated in various parts of the world, geared up vigilancy to cease money transfer and many other stringent exercises to make the Al Qaida forces totally detached from the world order. But, bin Laden could not be smitten and brought out to face the justice, as was promised by the then President of US.

Almost eight years into an absolute unusual situation in Afganistan and Pakistan, a lot of things have changed internationally. Iraq was destroyed and then reconstructed, in-between Saddam Hussain was hanged, Prez. Musharaf was dethroned from Pakistan, a weakling government took over in Pakistan, a new US President takes over and many others. Amongst all the above, no one incident was good enough for tackling the dreaded terrorist group. However, there have been two issues that could be perceived as facts which have been rising constantly. Firstly, the growth of Taliban esp. during the last one year and secondly, the financial aid and abet to Pakistan in order to curb and fight the war against terror. During these eight years, an unprecedented mammoth amount of money alongwith weapons have been provided to Pakistan for being a partner of US in their venture.

Hundreds of US and Nato soldiers have died alongwith Pakistani soldiers, but no substantial result has been noticed. Taliban has again thrown itself headlong and exercised control over sections of people in Afganistan, have sneaked into various parts of Pakistan and forced the government of Pakistan to abide by their laws. Of late they are daringly accepting the responsibility of the terrorist activities meted out in different parts of the subcontinent. And above all, Al Qaida leaders are announcing that they would plan to devastate another incident like 9/11 in US. How is it possible that a group of devastated rowdy people who were forced to retreat in isolated caves of Afganistan strive to bounce back and unleash terror worldwide?

It is difficult to digest that after persisting efforts of eight years, the US alongwith Nato forces were not able to grab Osama or for that matter crush the Taliban in Afganistan. It is equally inconceivable that a mighty Pakistan army who are powerful enough to defy the mights of Indian army, bend on knee before the Taliban in their own State. Do we have to believe that a couple of hundred individuals or groups can manouvre in taking up their wicked causes to destroy the civilisation, belittling every effort made by the world powers? This is nothing but making fool of people in a most tacit way.

It is true that the US has been spending billions of dollars and lives of its people in its war against terror in Afganistan. A big chunk of US treasures are also galvanised into Pakistan so that they can help the US army to control the Taliban. The billions of dollars from the US taxpayers' money are siphoned off each year for military aid and civilian assistance to Pakistan. And in exchange, what are we or for that matter, the US is gaining? Nothing. They make fool of themselves. Neither they can swallow the gulp they once dared to take in nor eject it.

Pakistan on the other hand, very cunningly could manage to keep alive the issue of terrorism by sensationalising it with few blasts in India, and when they found that India could retaliate, they immediately turn the eyes on their own soil and creates sympathy for themselves. These are all the handiwork of the Inter Service Intelligence (ISI), the military intelligence department of Pakistan. It is not unknown that the ISI and its military bosses receive the lion's share of the money floated from the US. But which is unknown is that perhaps a big part of the aid then would redirect for the use of Al Qaida, Taliban and other terrorist organisations mushrooming in the Pakistan soil. Tell us where would Al Qaida and Taliban escape, if not aided by the ISI, where would Al Qaida and Taliban obtain modern weapons, if not provided by the ISI? It's really a very cunning play which the ISI bosses over the years have mastered in. They are the real Al Qaida. The Pakistani government is the mask, the Al Qaida and the Talibani groups are sheer puppets and the real policy makers sit in the office of the ISI. If the west really wants to remove Al Qaida and wipe out the malaises of Taliban from the soil of Pakistan and Afganistan, then they have to shrug off all the inhibitions that Pakistan is a friend of US in their war against terror and round up the officers of the ISI by the neck and grill them persistently to find the truth.

Therefore, the crust of the story is, the ISI of Pakistan is the real Al Qaida.

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