Thursday, November 12, 2009

Crushing Defeat of the Left - What Went Wrong?

The waning of popularity of the Left Front during the recent concluded bypolls amongst the masses of West Bengal is truly a matter of national debate. Their electoral defeat during the last general election was somewhat taken by surprise, and many an experts had felt that it could be one of a kind and that they could bounce back in the future, knowing very well about their consistent and upswing performance since 1977. This, a sudden decimation of the Left Front in the electoral game would invariably provide our IIMs to research on the subject, what went wrong?

It is not always true that those parties who perform well in their previous government, win the next electoral battle. It is also not true that one who cultivates dreams for the future do win the election. No policy on reservation, minority appeasement, religious ferventness and not even the development of the nation can guarantee a sweep in poll battle. However, it is the strange electoral arithmetic which perhaps paves the way for victory years after years which the ruling Left Front had exploited exquisitely long before any other parties may even think in their distant dreams. There was no such issue of consequence during the past few months which may point out the reasons behind this vicissitude. Apart, the party has been enjoying the political powers, the money and muscle of its cadres as thoroughly as ever. Then what went wrong?

It seems that the responsibility of the debacle of the party in Bengal and Kerala during the consecutive elections lies solely with the Central Committee and the Politburo of CPI(M). Looking back, the party could not digest the mandate of the people after BJP had moved ahead in the general elections of 1996, 1998 and 1999. When the CPI(M) could not prevent BJP from entering the South Block, they came closer to their arch-rival the Congress and established an unlikely-minded parties before 2004 general election to unethically inhibiting NDA to continue. As expected, the Left did not join the UPA government, but supported it from outside. It played the role of both supporter and opposition of the government. The people of India could not follow the principles of the Left Parties. The Left did not allow the government to function properly and it also did not dislodge it, fearing BJP might come to power. Sooner the people of the country realized that the party was making mockery with the nation, and after few rounds of malicious travesty, the people had perhaps decided that they would vanquish them in the next opportune time. One can make fool of someone for sometime, but it cannot make fool of everyone everytime.

By 2011, we might see the rout of the Left Front from the map of Bengal and Kerala. He who digs the grave for others, falls into it himself.

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