Monday, October 26, 2009

To chain the Dragon, tighten the links effectively

Somehow the People's Republic of China looks down upon India, since its inception, and keeps frightening its neighbour quite often. Surprisingly, its relations with other smaller neighbours have not been acidic, except for Taiwan and South Korea. Though India is no match with China in terms of economic and military power, yet the dragon pushes out its hot smoke often from its red eyes and jowl. In the past, Pundit Nehru could not see through the inner minds of Mao Tse Dong and Chu en Lai, neither do any of our political leaders after him. Nehru was amazed to find Chinese soldiers invading the line of control in 1962, though he had given the red carpet welcome to the Chinese Premier only a couple of weeks earlier. Ever, the Chinese leaders have never shown any relaxation to India, which they extend to others, even if it seems immoral. On receiving a part of Kashmir as a souvenir from Pakistan, China never feels reprehensible. Rather, on a few occasions, it has shamelessly wanted to broker on Indo-Pak dialogue. During the Bangladesh war, China could not stick to the principle of supporting the cause in favour of the oppressed, and ironically, stood behind Pakistan. In recent years, China's nuclear policies towards North Korea and Pakistan and its support to the military junta of Myanmar have unearthed its obnoxious state of mind. During the last few weeks, China's daring approach towards India's border in the North East signifies its unholy demand, which needs to be ploughed sooner than later.

Of late, India's approach to the higher ups in the United States in reviewing sanctions, have cut the ice in favour of Myanmar, and India's Myanmar link has bolstered its strength around. The former foreign secretary of India, Shiv Shankar Menon had been a key player in bringing Myanmar close to the South Block and this incredible incident occurred when the generals were under the clutches of Beijing. This incident has invariably preached us that there are ways one can triumph out of the darkness, if intentions are clear.

Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Mongolia, Myanmar, North Korea, Vietnam are all under the good books of China. It seems China wishes to surround us by making good relations with our neighbours. Sooner or later, when it feels like invading India, it would have friends in the region supporting them. But every government has its plus and minuses and they would falter at times. We need to grab the opportunities. Right now, we may also creep into those nations which are bordering China, enhance our relations and make them realize that we too can play the game. To force China to sit on the table and not behaving hegemonic, India must introduce their militarist relations with Taiwan and South Korea, give enough aid to Mongolia, Myanmar and Nepal, and share regular informations about its neighbour with Japan, Russia and Afghanistan. For that to happen, we may appoint a Task Force consisting of able former officers of the foreign and military services, answerable to the Cabinet frequently.

To chain the Dragon, we need to tighten the links effectively.

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