Friday, January 29, 2010

Hitting Below The Belt

Perhaps this is the second time in history when Pakistan, a near rogue country has been hit below the belt by India. The hit has hurt them where they are feeble. The first time India gave them a brutal punch was in 1971 when India brought them down to knee and dismembered the East Pakistan from their map. The recognition for that deed is still remembered by the Indians with pride, and the credit owes to the former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

Though the pain to Pakistan was very severe and shameful, yet they did not take the lesson. Over the years they keep shaking the patience of the Indian people by provoking with terrorism in different parts of India, cross-border infiltration and slandering against us in international forums. India, by virtue of their tranquility and tolerance, kept their evil neighbour at bay.

Last week when the Indian Premier League (IPL), a monumental cricket forum, has called up their franchise clubs to restrain from inducting Pakistani players into their clubs, all hell broke lose in Pakistan. The perfect punch was hit at the right place, below the abdomen. The whole of Pakistan has cried together, as if all is lost. The Ministers, the Board officials, the former players and the present players in form of Pakistan have created hue and cry, blaming Indian Government and the IPL, as if India has usurped their wealth. It is the height of shamelessness.

Pakistani government and the Pakistani players-in-form had been dreaming of pocketing around hundred million US dollars by playing for the Indian clubs. Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) is bankrupt, and so is the Pakistani exchequer. So by snatching away their dreams when they felt they were the most sought after, the IPL has hit in the right place. The bad boys in Pakistan are fuming. This time the honour goes to Lalit Modi. The people of India will surely remember him for his deed, for he knows where to hit at the enemy

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Blogger rupak said...

Well then theres' another Modi on my favourites list. But still second to the grand master Mr. Narendra Modi.

February 9, 2010 at 3:28 PM  

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