Friday, April 3, 2009

The Real Al Qaida

During the one month of the onslaught that was unleashed by the Nato forces on the terrains of Afganistan after the 9/11 debacle, most British nationals were of the opinion that Osama Bin Laden was no more alive. The allied forces kept on bombing ruthlessly on the surface of Afganistan, sent its specialist infantry to capture the most dreaded terrorist alive, and announced a reward of US$ five million on the head of the prized catch. It really did not take ten days to capture Afganistan from the hands of Taliban, when thousands of people died and a country was smashed to dust. People had no money, but no one came out to hand over the catch and tried to make a fortune. As for creating awe, the US brought Guantanamo bay prison, combo searching generated in various parts of the world, geared up vigilancy to cease money transfer and many other stringent exercises to make the Al Qaida forces totally detached from the world order. But, bin Laden could not be smitten and brought out to face the justice, as was promised by the then President of US.

Almost eight years into an absolute unusual situation in Afganistan and Pakistan, a lot of things have changed internationally. Iraq was destroyed and then reconstructed, in-between Saddam Hussain was hanged, Prez. Musharaf was dethroned from Pakistan, a weakling government took over in Pakistan, a new US President takes over and many others. Amongst all the above, no one incident was good enough for tackling the dreaded terrorist group. However, there have been two issues that could be perceived as facts which have been rising constantly. Firstly, the growth of Taliban esp. during the last one year and secondly, the financial aid and abet to Pakistan in order to curb and fight the war against terror. During these eight years, an unprecedented mammoth amount of money alongwith weapons have been provided to Pakistan for being a partner of US in their venture.

Hundreds of US and Nato soldiers have died alongwith Pakistani soldiers, but no substantial result has been noticed. Taliban has again thrown itself headlong and exercised control over sections of people in Afganistan, have sneaked into various parts of Pakistan and forced the government of Pakistan to abide by their laws. Of late they are daringly accepting the responsibility of the terrorist activities meted out in different parts of the subcontinent. And above all, Al Qaida leaders are announcing that they would plan to devastate another incident like 9/11 in US. How is it possible that a group of devastated rowdy people who were forced to retreat in isolated caves of Afganistan strive to bounce back and unleash terror worldwide?

It is difficult to digest that after persisting efforts of eight years, the US alongwith Nato forces were not able to grab Osama or for that matter crush the Taliban in Afganistan. It is equally inconceivable that a mighty Pakistan army who are powerful enough to defy the mights of Indian army, bend on knee before the Taliban in their own State. Do we have to believe that a couple of hundred individuals or groups can manouvre in taking up their wicked causes to destroy the civilisation, belittling every effort made by the world powers? This is nothing but making fool of people in a most tacit way.

It is true that the US has been spending billions of dollars and lives of its people in its war against terror in Afganistan. A big chunk of US treasures are also galvanised into Pakistan so that they can help the US army to control the Taliban. The billions of dollars from the US taxpayers' money are siphoned off each year for military aid and civilian assistance to Pakistan. And in exchange, what are we or for that matter, the US is gaining? Nothing. They make fool of themselves. Neither they can swallow the gulp they once dared to take in nor eject it.

Pakistan on the other hand, very cunningly could manage to keep alive the issue of terrorism by sensationalising it with few blasts in India, and when they found that India could retaliate, they immediately turn the eyes on their own soil and creates sympathy for themselves. These are all the handiwork of the Inter Service Intelligence (ISI), the military intelligence department of Pakistan. It is not unknown that the ISI and its military bosses receive the lion's share of the money floated from the US. But which is unknown is that perhaps a big part of the aid then would redirect for the use of Al Qaida, Taliban and other terrorist organisations mushrooming in the Pakistan soil. Tell us where would Al Qaida and Taliban escape, if not aided by the ISI, where would Al Qaida and Taliban obtain modern weapons, if not provided by the ISI? It's really a very cunning play which the ISI bosses over the years have mastered in. They are the real Al Qaida. The Pakistani government is the mask, the Al Qaida and the Talibani groups are sheer puppets and the real policy makers sit in the office of the ISI. If the west really wants to remove Al Qaida and wipe out the malaises of Taliban from the soil of Pakistan and Afganistan, then they have to shrug off all the inhibitions that Pakistan is a friend of US in their war against terror and round up the officers of the ISI by the neck and grill them persistently to find the truth.

Therefore, the crust of the story is, the ISI of Pakistan is the real Al Qaida.

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