Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dump the four Captains Theory, Involve just one Indian

The recent furore over four captains in an IPL Team recommended by KKR owner and coach does not sound impressive. The eminent former cricketers Gavaskar, Vengsarkar and recently Glen McGrath and a few lot, have conveyed their aversion on the new theory propagated by cinestar Shah Rukh Khan. It sounds ridiculous having numerous captains in one side. The game of cricket, whichever is its format, needs a captain who commands an absolute respect in the team. Mike Brearley, Nawab Pataudi and Bobby Simpson will always be remembered for their master craftsmanship of the game. But the owner of KKR has explained that being an owner of a cricket company he has every right to play with the constitution of the game. He might have forgotten that bringing in such ideas could enhance feud amongst the players and could jeopardize the interest of the team.

The current popularity of the IPL needs further momentum to increase its grace drawing a parallel with English Premier League. The BCCI has enough grit to endure to carry on with the game as scheduled against the wishes of the government. It is time now to involve each person of the country with the magnanimity of the game. Where cricket is considered as religion, its people must get more from the game, just not being the spectators of it. The IPL may include one Indian, who is not registered with the BCCI, per match into each team. It may sound hilarious, but would create sensation countrywide if taken seriously.

Let us analyse the permutation of IPL in its next session. Of the regular eleven players who would play in a match, one would come from common men in each of the team. In every game, a new look from the people would play. Thereby, each team would have 14 new non-regulars, four more for the semi-finalists and two to add for the finalists. In doing so, out of the 59 matches to be played, 118 non-regular players would get chance to play with their idols and heroes. How would these non regulars come? By paying a nominal fee of Re.1 or Rs.10, any Indian citizen above the age of 14 may respond to the franchise clubs, who would then select their 17 people through computerised lottery. Ours is a country of one billion people. If only half of them respond, it would accrue a simple amount of five hundred millions of rupees, if the fee is Re.1. This new concept would have no precedence and the people of India would be looked upon by other nationals with envy. In a year or two, the IPL season would turn out to be a festival season for the Indians. What a whopping amount would reach in the coffer of each sponsor? Apart from these, people of all ages would attend physical exercise to make themselves fit presuming they could receive calls anytime. Similarly, adoloscents would detest smoking for the similar reasons.

Can anyone convey this proposal to BCCI(Shashank Manohar), IPL(Lalit Modi) and Shah Rukh Khan?

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