Saturday, October 10, 2009

Relishing the Real Ongoing IPL Matches

These days the real IPL matches are in full swing. Do not miss them. These matches are so vibrant in nature, that you would surely forget any other premier matches played with such panache anywhere in the world. No, it's no joke and neither these are related to cricket whatsoever. This is the Indian Price League, played upon in all the turfs of India, organized by the business association of India and co-hosted by our "aam admi sarkar", the UPA government.

To enjoy these matches, one need not rush towards the stadium or settle oneself before the TV screen but needs to move around in the market every day. Here prices of the commodity are taking giant strides. The commodities that were looking so sleepy a few days back, shaking up suddenly, then drawing the attention of the buyers. Few do crash, but they too shake off to rise again. Honestly there is no respite for the consumer. They are like the spectators in the stadium. They can not do anything whether Sehwag pulls a long off six or ducks on the first ball. Let's be specific. Onion was Rs.12 a Kg last week. Suddenly, giving no one a chance, it jumped to Rs.30 in a retail store. Potatoes which were Rs.5 a Kg during last winter, it's now rolling between Rs. 25 to Rs.30 a Kg. But strangely, tomatoes took a backward leap to fall from Rs.30 to Rs.10 now within a fortnight. Who does not know about the bitterness of the present day sugar? Beware, the rice is rising. Almost all the prices of the spices have bloated enough to ridicule the common bloke. Name anything from sweets to flowers, clothings to medicines, fish or meat or eggs-everything seems to be in the spirit of high competition. This Indian Price League is one tournament, unlike any other, which is providing butterflies in the stomach along with hypertensions amongst the spectators 24x7. Enjoy the festivities.

Recalling one incident of 1953 from my grandmother when one paise fare of State Buses were increased in West Bengal. To protest the price rise, the people of the State had lit fifty buses and six trams in one day. Contrary to this, we do not see any murmur amongst the opposition parties when prices of every commodity are skyrocketing high. They are involved with more important subjects like terrorism, naxalism, statuism (Mayawati), beautification of Delhi and corruption in general. Let the prices take its course, people have so many other things to concentrate on. There are Commonwealth Games, Champions League, Border Conflicts, Big Boss Show and so many other things to worry about. This is the crust of Manmohaneconomics, where small things of life are insignificant. Think Big and Talk Big, there is no place for moaning, in this cruel world.

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