Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Is it White Worshipping or What?

A recent report by former cricketer Ajay Jadeja revealed that the foreign supporting staff members were heard speaking racist remarks on the Indian players, and nothing seems fine in Kolkata Knight Riders' team. A day later the team coach John Buchanan has rubbished the comments.

Just a month before the IPL-2 to begin, Buchanan preached the theory of multiple captaincy in his team KKR only to oust the incumbent captain Saurav Ganguly who could not digest the theory. With it, a brawl began between the captain and the coach. But looking at the public opinion in favour of Ganguly, the owner of KKR, the megastar Shah Rukh Khan played down the incident by suggesting that the issue would be decided before the tournament began. He virtually did what nobody had expected from him by acceding to what the Australian Coach had demanded. Sourav was stripped off from captaincy the moment the venue of IPL was shifted from India to South Africa.

Brendon McCullum was made the captain and Buchanan became the all powerful tyrant master. Shah Rukh held on to the front row to see no ill-will take place amongst the players. The team went on losing match after match. Before the tournament reached its half way mark, Shah Rukh left South Africa in a huff, by sending message to his team, that he would return only when KKR would start giving winning results. By this time, the team was in disarray. It was not in a position to challenge other teams. KKR stands at the bottom of the tally from the beginning, and remained the first team who have lost the semi-final berth. Alas, the wish of Shah Rukh coming back to SA remained unfulfilled.

It is said that being the owner of KKR, Shah Rukh has lost a big chunk of money as his team has been the worst loser. It is also said that he is looking for a buyer of his sick-team, and engaged himself in doing a number of commercials and stage show in order to substitute his recent losses. However, he has not uttered a single word against the die-hard Australian Coach, leave alone taking any action against him. On the contrary, it took him much less time to humiliate the former Indian Captain Ganguly and retort back sharply against Gavaskar who disapproved the theory of multiple-captaincy. We are independent of White rulers for more than sixty years, but still most of us cow down when we face the White skin. The incessant brawls taking place in KKR show that Shah Rukh is no different and it can be said with conviction that he has fallen to the White Worshipping.

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