Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fake Democracy

The general election in India is over and every one is looking for the results to come out. Without wasting time, the electronic media have begun to show the exit poll just after the final poll is concluded. All channels have their own predictions and permutations. As no exit poll has shown any clear cut mandate in the formation of a government at the Centre, no political party seems to find itself in a comfortable situation. Here begins the real polity of rearranging groups in order to make oneself as the front runner.

Before the poll was to begin, every political party was busy opposing at least one party in the election. For them, that rival party had not only been its foe but also it remained an untouchable for them. In UP, the Samajwadi cannot walk along with BSP, TMC in West Bengal detests CPI(M), Shiv Sena and NCP in Maharashtra, DMK and AIADMK in Tamil Nadu are all having bitter relations. As for national parties, BJP and the Congress are poles apart to work together, while the Left parties have declared that they would not support a Congress led government at the Centre. The major issue during this election of all political parties remained identical, which was to oppose the rival parties in a disparaging manner.

The scenario coming out of the exit poll indicates that no one party or a combination can form the government. This means that either of the parties have to adjust its priniciples and support the other in the formation of the government. Before the votes were cast, these parties have categorically mentioned umpteen number of times about their principled stand, but after the results are coming in they are in no way considering what parleys they had have with their real masters, the voters. They are simply looking at the interest of themselves. Is this not a 'hypocracy' of democracy?

Again, some parties have taken the votes of certain minority or compact blocks by vowing that they would not go hand in glove with certain party in the future. But the moment the voters have cast their die, these parties have switched their loyalties from their voters. Before the government is formed, the nuances of degradation of politics have begun. The people of India are deceived once again as the parties clamour together, without the thought of their dignity or future repercussions, to make another government of cards.

This time around, all the Indian nationals were approached by all forms of platform to cast their votes irrespective of preoccupations. But in return, what have they obtained by following it, democracy or fake democracy?

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Blogger rupak said...

nice point.
also the fact that most of the major parties would actually act in the same way if they come to power. there is hardly any difference in their larger why this fued??

May 13, 2009 at 11:55 AM  

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