Monday, June 9, 2008

The New President

He came, he saw and he conquered. Recalling two years from now, it was Hillary Clinton all the way moving towards the White House. Suddenly a black man named Barack Obama entered the race for the democratic nominee. He started the race late, which was against the strong wind. There seemed not much hope for him. But the hidden charisma that was not seen immediately, came out steadily and washed over all the deeds penetrated by the strong woman Clinton. The democratic super-delegates had no option, but to nominate the new Alexander for the office of the White House.

The thrust in the wave generated by Obama has made all, including John McCain, to believe that the young man is well ahead for the final forthcoming race. His being black is not the sole reason for his popularity, since no other black men has ever reached the place where Obama stands today. The most important appeal that he attracts is that he is suave and intelligent. The soberly attired and the confident reply of any question in front of the media by Obama has an ebullient mass appeal. He is different, but looks very much down-to-earth unlike Clinton or McCain.

Given to believe that he becomes the 43rd President of the USA, where does Obama find himself any different from his predecessor democratic Presidents? The high hopes are brewing amongst the ordinary black people of America, people from erstwhile colonial countries, different ethnic communities looked down upon in America and the poor at large. Will the rags to riches Obama be able to meet the aspirations of his supporters?

It's too early to comment on. Many fundamental issues are not yet addressed by him while debating with Clinton during the past six months. Now that McCain's important assignments would be to prove his experience, as he always claims, may force Obama to speak his mind. McCain would invariably scour out the opinions of Obama on the fundamental issues troubling America. International volatile issues like Iraq, the Middle-east, Afganistan along with domestic features as tax policy, health insurance, unemployment/outsourcing of labour would be the core issues during the coming days. If his capabilities could run down the attacks perpetrated by McCain in the ensuing days, he would not only enter the White House holding his head high, but also keep the momentum moving in his days as the President of America.


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