Sunday, May 18, 2008

Where is the Sun?

The sun lies in the youth. The youths of India are the real sun of India. It is the youth that belongs to 16 to 25, can change the real picture of our country. During the last 60 years, our ambition, perseverance and tenacity put the country on a right platform. It took time due to many deformities, yet we managed to stand before the world. Thus, we can be proud of ourselves. The last 60 years have not gone to waste. And now, we may put forward our youth to the front, so that they by virtue of their candidness, place India on the top of the world.

There is a Ministry in the Central Government named Ministry of Youth & Social Welfare. It is not lucid to most of us, what this Department really does, apart from involving in the matters pertaining to the social affairs. There is virtually no government department or Ministry that really works for the youth.

If India dreams of becoming a real developed country and a great nation, we need to change our mindset from now. We have to create a Ministry of Youth first which should be given the status of a Cabinet rank a la Ministry of Home, Finance, Foreign Affairs and Defence. It would be a Ministry for which senior politicians would vie to get hold of.

The coveted Ministry would be a transparent one, and deal with the youth of India in all respects. Primarily they would give priority to the youths between 16 to 25. All kinds of resources would be made available to the youths. We have an abundance of youth wealth, and we must not let it go wasted. Not only the meritorious and brilliant youth would be taken care of, all youths would be shown numerous prospects so that they can achieve a goal in their life. The Ministry would see the aspect of the youth till they are of 35 years. This would surely invigorate the youth, and the policy would definitely put India on top of the world order, in every respect.

And if that happens, the young married couples would aspire for the coming sun, and not a son.


Blogger aeroinfo said...

and some day will come when we see Mr. Arjun Singh as the minister of that ministry. then what??

June 17, 2008 at 4:13 AM  

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