Thursday, February 21, 2008

30 to 40

Whenever I speak with young educated people between the age of 16 and 20, I find in them a spirit full of ideologies. Ideologies of many kinds perhaps, but they are all related to the betterment of the society, and the betterment in the functioning of the government. They always say viz. this should be changed, or that should have been like that, so much so forth. These young spirits talk to us in a manner, as if we, the older ones, are responsible for all the present scenarios. And when I speak with the people between the ages of 30 to 40, I find in them talking more about themselves, their achievements, and their acquirements. No words are spelt by them about the system, the government or the society. They do not perhaps believe in that they are in any way answerable to the society or to the people. And when I speak to the people of my age or more than that, they simply pronounce that things would not change ever, and perhaps those past were better days. In fact, I find in them no hope left.

Why is it so? But it's true. Most younger people are dynamic, vibrant and keen to change the society. When they initiate their career, they have so many virtues to their credit. Unfortunately, they come across these 30 to 40 youths, and slowly but steadily put themselves into the shoes of 30 to 40, and are lost in the wilderness.

This is not just a one of case. This has been going on for generations. When we were younger, we also had the same courage, vibrancy and intended to do something different and bring about a change. But we trusted our immediate seniors and followed them blindly. Now, when we look back, most of us realize that we made mistakes.

If the society has to change and if we expect a better government to rule us, then I can clearly deduce that our future 30 to 40 youths need to stick to their ideologies and set an example to their juniors that they should not cow down to the pressures generated from the top. It is very important that our 30 to 40s put their heads together, honestly, and make known to their seniors that they don’t budge without reason. We are frankly not worried about our 16 to 20s, because they are the early sun and are incorruptible. But our 30 to 40s seem easily driven away by the devilish lust of living an exuberant life, more often cater to corruption, selfishness, and finally exculpate themselves from the sin they are part of.


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been a long time since you have written anything.... dont loose hope... i'm sure ppl are reading....

March 27, 2008 at 2:08 PM  

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