Friday, April 25, 2008

Shunning of Smoking

Shunning of smoking is not as formidable as it sounds to be. If this task is taken with due care, the number of smokers will decline sharply within a period of a decade. By introducing laws to prevent smoking from public transport, government offices, public places seem introductory; these are indeed a good way to begin with, but are not enough. Ads on the cigarette packets that have been creating awe, has done its job. Of late, a lot of new laws to be introduced are being discussed. One of these is the cessation of the manufacturing units that produce cigarettes and bidis in India. These are somewhat bankruptcy of thoughts. If smoking stuff are not available in the market, the people who smoke or the part of nation would go restless, that might jeopardize the basic concept. Moreover, this irrational law could bring in smugglers to look for a new avenue.

It seems there are already enough laws to force people to shun smoking. But has there been any real endeavour made to encourage people not to smoke? There are lot many ways of clipping smoking, but who really cares?

Think, no parent wants their child to smoke, no teacher like its students to smoke, there are numerous laws which bind the smokers, ads that give deadly picture to the smokers, then how come the number of smokers are increasing? Because, we are not touching the cause, we are just taking up the cudgels.

So now its time to go to the root and find the cause. It is well-known that most smokers begin the habit at a very tender age when they still move in the vicinity of school. It is the school which must accept the guilt that they are covertly responsible for the growth of this menace. It is therefore, time for the school to come up with new measures to abandon these bad habits amongst their young fellows, except of course the punishment.

The school can give extra credit to those students of class IX onwards who do not smoke. A non-smoker will not fail in the annual test. To join in any activity of sports in the school, one needs to be a non-smoker. A non-smoking certificate can be given to the students along with the character certificate while leaving the school. The same measures could be continued in the colleges, unto the age of 21. If the vile habit is restrained between 15 and 21 years, it is sure that the nation can boast for reducing the menace by nipping it in the bud.

Till now, non-smokers are the worst hit. It is time to pay back few incentives to those who do not smoke. Few alluring measures can be extended as encouragement to the non-smokers of all age. Concessional bus passes, a discount on railways and bus tickets for long distance travellers, different price for cinema tickets to the non-smokers will invariably add inspiration to them. Just to rely upon the enforcement of law to punish the smoker is self-deceptive. It is a age of encouragement, giving remuneration and self-belief and therefore every serious matters must be taken care of by a polite act and a graceful gesture.

(I am a smoker and think seriously about non-smoking)


Blogger aeroinfo said...

well i guess its got to be a positive looking article. a lot of people have taken to suggesting ideas without thinking of the feasibility option, and this article can not escape from this category.

let us assume that what you say is the best way. Well why do you think that the student will actually confess to smoking and be kicked out of his school sports team.

Wouldn't it be another form of discrimination if you allow them to get failed, wouldn't this be another form of reservation that the country is so strongly protesting against.

you could suggest methods to discourage them, for which the methods being taken by the government is good enough with promotional messages as well as spreading of information. but one should not try to impose or discriminate on such a basis.

May 8, 2008 at 2:47 AM  
Blogger Mahi Prasad said...

This is not a form of discriminatory act towards the smokers, but rather added privileges given to the non-smokers.
Also see the footnote at the end of the article which clarifies the "feasibility option".

May 18, 2008 at 9:24 AM  

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