Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Real Democracy

The great political thinker, Aristotle, defined democracy in one sentence as "it is the government of the people, for the people and by the people." The people in power, however, smile and make inroads towards the power astutely, without having high respect for the definition the master propounded. The master, who had seen the power from a closer view, was not part of the power ever, and therefore, missed out many of the nitty-gritty of a democracy. One such nitty-gritty is from where does the real democracy build up. The great man had opinionated about the various institutions of democracy, but had he ever mentioned about how democracy would be instilled in the power hungry beasts?

Ever since the existence of democracy in the modern society, every country and politician, howsoever great they are, ingeniously exploit the term 'democracy' to its own benefit. Though the term was invented for the benefit of mankind. Now, we are tired of hearing the term 'the mockery of democracy' by the same politicians who at some part of time were the targets of the people whom they are calling the cause of mockery. Why it is thus happened?

Democracy is all, but full of farce and hypocrisy. Honestly, no man on earth is a real democrat. Wherever it suits, people call for democracy, and the moment it seems harmful for them to accept the demands of the people, they shun democracy in the name of development, law and order, and discipline. It is very common to observe after any sub-continental elections that political parties eschew values, morals and make immoral alignments in order to capture the power. We have not forgotten how President Bush was re-elected, when he was actually trailing behind the previous night. Throughout his tenure, he eulogises the democracy, but ironically he punishes the countries whose one man has opposed him. Russian President Vladimir Putin was elected only by a newly democratic format, but he forbade it the moment he was at the helm of affairs. Why it is thus happened?

Not only the term 'democracy' is often utilized as a good usage and in high esteem, but also our leaders expound it and ask people to follow a democratic path, while they seldom follow it. Why it is thus happened?

Surprisingly, what the Master didn't mention was that where actually the democracy should begin from. Doesn't it sound ludicrous that the people who were generally intolerants, biased, law-breakers, nepotistic in nature, would become democrats overnight, because they are elected to rule? It is easier to be elected by an influential person, for which one needs to know the skill of getting elected. It is however, equally difficult to follow the path of democracy. If one goes through the lives of Mahatma Gandhi, Pandit Nehru and Nelson Mandela, one would know how they also often deviated from the path when others had opposed them. It is therefore that centuries have passed, yet we seldom notice a real democrat walking the surface of the earth. Why it is thus happened? Is it so difficult to follow? Does democracy seem an utopia?

No, it is not. When a child is born, he looks towards his father as an autocrat at home. When stepping into school, he finds the teachers dictate with absolute authority. By the time he leaves the school, a long twelve years have passed. Very few teachers are found to be tolerant. Most students in a class observe that only handfuls are adored by the teachers. The rest get lower marks in the tests, and are ridiculed by the teachers all day. I have seen the teachers in India, America, U.K. and in the Arab world very closely. Except in U.K., the rest all are alike. They are intolerant, biased and easily provoked. Though, I have heard that the teachers in New Zealand, Finland and Norway are different.

The children by birth are intolerant, biased and easily be provoked. They are sent to the school for developing their behaviors along with enriching enlightenment. Unfortunately, most of them end up with little change in their attitude. However, the teachers in the colleges are more tolerant. But by the time the students reach the arena of colleges, their behaviors have already taken shape.

If we are to change the society and expect our leaders to shun their unruly attitude, we need to look at the schools and the teachers first, wherein our children learn the art of living. A teacher may be less educated, nonetheless his opinion, behaviour, and kindness are all that a student loves to imitate. If teachers become democrats in true spirit, the world would be a different place to live in. Enough is tolerated. Now, the time has come when hypocrisy will have no space. We really await to trust our leaders, and who else but the teacher can show the true light. And then, every word of the Master seems meaningful and the word democracy would be spelt with veneration.


Blogger Udit said...

democracy might have been defined as governance by the people and for the people by Aristotle, Plato et. al...but that is passe. today democracy is the "least worst option" available to us.

True, that democracy is all about lies, hypocricy and farce, but what alternatives do we have against that...a Saddam ruled Iraq, Mugabe lead Zimbabwe or now an extinct monarchy of nepal?

Democracy, when coupled with so called "secular" politics is what causes this "hypocricy, lies and farce", just because as you said that power hungry "democrats" forget the real meaning of the term in the pursuits of self and materialsitic desires.

well, if you cant have an ideal democrat over night then changing the ideals of the teachers also is equally difficult to attain. Hypocricy is something that is deeped rooted in we indians, something more than dramatic would weed that out!

June 12, 2008 at 11:47 PM  

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