Friday, April 25, 2008

Why Not Pension Commision?

Every ten years on, a Pay Commission is set up to consider a pay hike for the Central Government employees. People look forward to this Commission with thirst. As is our present culture, this Commission is a replica of the Royal Commission created by our previous ruler, the British. A retired judge is entrusted with the job to head the Commission. All seem to be an old fa├žade. Some jubilate, most cry out, after the Commission presents its recommendations. There is nothing new. We are infact, used to imitate others. The setting up of the Pay Commission is no exception either.

It is said that 4.6 million people are in the pay roll of the Central Government and as many as 3.4 million in the pension roll. Whenever the govt. declares new wages to its employees, it increases the pension as well. The Pay Commission recommends this increase of pension. Surprisingly, this increase in the pension does not follow any analytical process, as is done in the case of its employees. Pensioners are burdens to the exchequer, and so the govt. just throws a piece of bone towards their former employees while the present are given a frolicking treat. This has been going on since its inception. But enough is enough.

Are these old horses incapable of everything due to age? Can't they even walk to the streets of Raisina Road to flaunt their prowess? It's time for them to force the government to set up a Pension Commission, a la Pay Commission. Many pensioners think that whatever they receive, it is due to the generousness of the succeeding governments. But what they really forget is that they are the second most beneficiaries in numbers, next only to the Central Govt. employees. It's true, no one will support the view that the pensioners should get a large amount. But what to do with these big chunk of people getting a minimal amount to sustain themselves in an impoverished manner?

There is indeed a cure for our experienced and senior citizens. The government must set up a Pension Commission. Apart from fixing up minimum and maximum level of pension, the Commission would also look into the livelihood of the pensioners. There are all sorts of pensioners viz. former peons to former Cabinet Secretaries. Some poor, some can nourish themselves. Some are very old, but some look radiant enough to make most youth feel embarrassed to look at them. They can be given jobs on a contract basis. The Govt. can entrust many jobs to the needy and willful pensioners which at present are given to the either private entrepreneurs or are shelved due to shortage of employees. Employees in banks and other government departments are overworked, due to the new policy of the government to reduce man force. By paying little money to the pensioners, the government can save a lot. A mass of retired employees can therefore earn a bit, and meet their unfulfilled responsibilities. They will feel pride in doing work, and help in building the nation. If our senior citizens feel respected, it is sure that our young generation would rise more than they rise today.

Is anybody listening??


Blogger aeroinfo said...

Isn't there enough unemployement already, that you feel that the jobs should go back to retired people.

June 16, 2008 at 6:35 PM  

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