Saturday, February 9, 2008

Adam's Apple

Only a 100 years back, the sub continent had diseases like plague, malaria and kalajar which had its toll, not only in Indians alone, many Englishmen died of these diseases. And now, we have three phenomenal diseases in the sub continent which are corruption, moving out abroad to amass wealth, and an undemocratic way of political inheritance. This political inheritance has caused our society a bad name, and making it a pseudo democracy. The sub continent had long parted into different nations, but these diseases are spreading synchronously to these nations. As India is the undoubted leader in the sub continent, so was Jawaharlal Nehru the pioneer of introducing legacies in politics. Though Britain can claim that they introduced the modern democratic society once defined by Plato and Aristotle, yet Nehru was the one who promulgated a political law where legacy has a big role in the democracy a la monarchy. He was a great thinker. Had he been a white man, he would have much more honour to his name only for this part of the law.

Initially, every political leader in this country had expressed critical assessment of this Nehruvian Law, but gradually toed the line when they understood the cream beneath the law. We blamed Nehru, and Indira, but sooner found Abdullah, Biju, Devi, Lalu, Mulayam, Karuna, Sharad, and even Marathi Tiger, all put themselves in Nehru's shoes. This theory did not stay behind in India only, it trespassed the wired borders to Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka and the theory was welcomed by the Bhuttos, Zias, and Bandernaiks.

If we look at we see more sub continental people have migrated to the U.S since our independence than any other country. As a result of which, the Nehruvian Law of Political Legacy has entered the political arena of the U.S. Senate and the White House. Kennedys, Bushs and Clintons are our real white brethren, and some more are on the line. One more thing, and that is India, especially the Nehru dynasty, have showed acumen in this game of legacy. They do not bring their legacy too early. Rahul was in his twenties when his father died. He didn't wish to enter the arena, nor was anyone from the family made spectacle of themselves, though the Congress managed to control power at the Centre. They all waited for the right time, and the people at large didn't forget them. However, this didn't happen in the case of looking into the legacy of Benazir Bhutto. Within a couple of days of her assassination, her nineteen years old son was made the really heir of Bhutto legacy. This comparison has one vital message, and that is about the Nehruvian Law which has matured to its root in the Nehru – Gandhi family, and the others are way behind them to follow suit.
Still, Europe is untouched from this disease. Prominent leader of the stature of Thatcher, Blair, Charles de Gaulle, Chirac, Schneider could not leave behind their prominent lineage. Few days back, even Russian despot in power, Vladimir Putin, named Mdvedev for his successor to the top post of Russia. Incidentally, Mdvedev is no kin of Putin. Indeed, the Europeans are the best human race in the world, as far as democratic norms are concerned.

Though said, but it's untrue that every evil thing has its end and gets punished. However, the truth is no good thing survives and the good always are humiliated. This Nehruvian Law is one of the precious discoveries and therefore, has its toll. No matter how harsh were the killings of Indira, Rajiv, Benazir, the victims of the Law, every political law has it own drawbacks, viz. corruption comes in hand with democracy. So, this Nehruvian Law ought to have its own. One who professes this law would die unnaturally. Its like Adam's apple, it's juicy, but deadly.


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