Monday, January 21, 2008

Putrefactive BCCI

India won the Third Test at Perth, beating Australia in all the departments of the game. The country is overwhelmed with joy and the euphoria is conspicuous. The pundits, on the eve of celebration, have declared that the revenge was taken against them, and this is just. It's true. Our players have indeed thrashed them in front of their own crowd, and made the cricket lovers comprehend, who the better team is, unless bias umpiring comes in between to conspire against.

All seem fine, but don't we feel still cheated by the BCCI? What have they done? No concrete measures have been taken as yet. Who will ask them for this inaction? The players are subjugated by the BCCI and we know that they cannot question them. The BCCI could have registered their grievances for the impoliteness of the Aussie players to the ACB, in addition to make pleas before the ICC. When a child misbehaves, the matter is first taken to its parent, and that sometimes gives good results. In the same fashion, the BCCI should have brought the matter in writing to ACB with contempt. But that never happened. They are there to make money and live a glamorous life only. One now feels, that the matter be taken to court by some apt person and plea for seeking the removal of the current putrid BCCI members for the dereliction of duty. No one is above the law and the nation in particular.


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