Monday, December 1, 2008

Be Practical

Again terror was struck on the black 26th in Mumbai. This time the power and dimension of the threat was much bigger and horrific than what we had seen in the past. Previously, the terrorists had planted the bombs secretly in crowded places, and they could manage to kill 15 to 20 innocent common men, in most of the times. But this time, they had aimed at the very opulent class who stay in five star hotels of Mumbai and many bigwigs became the victims of this bloodbath.. Apart from this, the masterminds had decided to challenge openly to the people and security of India, by facing them head on. They killed whoever came in their way. Unlike in previous occasions, they have pointed their guns this time cleanly on the number of Supercops. This is in fact a desperado act for which India was not truly ready.

Though this kind of terrorism is a henious crime, but one cannot claim that India has won because their security personnel could manage to kill a dozen of terrorists. We have more than 200 casualties and 350 injuries which itself speak of the losses that we have conceded. After all these terrorists acts, it was boldly claimed that we would not bow down to the terror. The media, after every mayhem, maintained that the terrorists could not suppress the spirit of life, the life has illuminated on the very next day. Some of the popular catch phrase we often find on the newspapers and TV channels by the politicians and media men the very next day of the mishaps:

  1. The aspirations of the terrorists will never be fulfilled.

  2. We will teach them lessons.

  3. Life is back to normal.

  4. The people of this country are brave enough to face such dastardly act.

  5. We must keep peace and not allow them to disrupt it.

  6. We must not fall into the trap of communal disharmony.

  7. We salute our brave soldiers who lost their lives, and promise to look after their families.

  8. Finally, the nation won and the evildoers lost.

  9. The govt. will not tolerate this lawlessness.

  10. We will see to it that this kind of act never repeats.

  11. Terrorism has no religion.

  12. We must stand united.

What is the point in saying all these rhetorics at the time of crisis each time we face bloodshed? Do we really mean it? How many times do we visit those unfortunate families who lost their dearest ones? Do we care for those who engage themselves against the terrorists, save lives of people, but didn't die? Not a single politician comes out without their security to the spot of the event and boost the morale of the security personnel. Have they ever roared against the govt. of Pakistan for involving in the act? Never, never. Forget about Pakistan, we do not have the guts to strike even the suspected places of Bangladesh and teach a lesson to the minnows. Shame on us.

After the Mumbai act of 26/11, the nation asks its politicians and the media men not to use these rhetorics again. We can tolerate the incompetence of our leaders because we are used to it. But please do not rub salt on our injury. We cannot endure it, we simply abhor it.

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