Monday, November 17, 2008

A Different Team

Surprisingly, we found India team on level one up in the beginning of the series against Australia and finally beat them hands down (2-0) during the just concluded cricket Test Series. After the kangaroos left India sulking, we were engrossed in the thought of who would replace the versatile southpaw batsman Sourav and elegant leggie Anil in the future. Even a week hasn't passed, the English Team arrived to take on the new upsurge Team India. This English Team has tired out indomitable South Africa in the one dayers, before coming to face India. Again the Team India moved ahead with the first ODI played, and bullied them.

Truly speaking, we have never seen Indian Team began any series with a lead. Even in the near past, we invariably lost the matches in the beginning and then move from behind to try to square the series. This approach was a routine one since the days of Pataudi and Bedi. Before that, we seldom won matches, and never strived for the series win. It is not that this English Team is a weaker one. It has tremendous batsmen of the callibre of Pietersen, Collingwood, speedster Harminson, Anderson and the world's best all-rounder Flintoff.

Have we changed suddenly? Is it the cricketers alone who have different ways of thinking as compared to others, or are we all changing? A little earlier, this Indian Team was called choker, and now they are ornamented with world-beaters. It seems, in these modern times our cricketers are paving the victoria ways for us, we look through them and we live through them. May be now, we have lost faith in our political masters and religious seers. It's truly said that the cricket is our only religion.

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