Sunday, October 5, 2008

Wake Up Countrymen and Face Terrorism

Terrorism brings in disarray. It jeopardizes the morale of the government, demoralizes the spirit of the people and destroys the backbone of the security machinery. The experts opine that there is nothing as such which can be called a time - tested formula for withholding the dastardly acts of the terrorists. In reality, the terrorist has to succeed only once in his 100 attempts, whereas the security personnel and the intelligence people have to divert all his hundred shots. During the last ten years, all major countries have been hit by the terrorists. It's a different matter that the developed countries are more efficient in handling the situation of terrorism, while countries like India and Pakistan are often seen as prey to the mights of terrorists.

After the serial bomb blasts of 9/13 in Delhi, the murmurs are heard that the laws of the land in tackling terrorism is inadequate. Honestly, laws involving all social evil seems to be inadequate. Is the dowry law adequate? Are the traffic laws full-proof? Whether the crime rates are deteriorating? No, every country has laws to manage its welfare as per the requirements. India, too has numerous laws to bully the law breakers. It had TADA, POTA, MACOCA to contain the terrorist elements, but how far we have been able to restrain the attackers? Indeed, the hard laws are needed. As the crimes push upward, the laws are required to be strengthened. But only making new laws or amending is not the solution for rebuffing the terrorism at bay. We need to do much more than making new laws. There are so many virulent acts in IPC to scare people, but do we not experience the henious crimes every often?

After every incidents of bomb blast, our indefatigable political parties continue to brawl on the blame game and the terrorist prepares for the next target. The people at large remains helpless and unwillingly waiting for the new blow to happen. Almost two decades have passed, we are in the grip of terrorist menace. From politicians to police to common man, all have tested the bitter pill sometime or the other. Yet they have not understood or they do not want to understand how to check these terrible invaders.

Until and unless the common people realise that they are the most vulnerable and they are the ones who should defy the challenges hurled by the terrorist groups, this evil would haunt them incessantly. Heaving a sigh of relief on knowing that one's kin is unharmed by the blast, makes a man look stupid as he does not really know that he could himself be succumbed to injuries next time.

It is not our only job to take accounts of the party in power. Let the government think and do its own job, and we involve in the process of defending ourselves and thereby give minimum chance to the hard - headed people to attack us. Remember, it is one of guerilla fight by them. If they do not find you from the back, they would inevitably come to face you from the front, and it would be easier for our force to nab them. Secondly, if the people fights its own war, no government can hide itself behind for long. It would then come out with all its might and dispaly its true power to contain the dark killer and pacify the people. They would then not be seen as ridiculed, as they look now.

The most important way to curtail terrorism would be by pre-emptive measures taken by the people itself. All the areas across the whole city can be divided into smaller segments. As we have seen the private Resident Welfare Association are providing the best of security measures and no untoward incidents have happened during the past years. If all the areas are divided into segments and private securities are provided in all the entry points, it would be difficult for trespassing. Every people residing in the are are bound to spend for the security. The market places would be the responsibility of the shopowners. The time has come when everyone should spend some money on his security as well, like he spends for health, education for the children, and comfortable transport. When one can pay for his health and education, is it not viable that he must now spend for his precious life?

Apart from this, the city people may also follow 10 commandments, stated below, in a stringent way on a daily basis:
1) Avoid visiting renowned market places at bustling hours;
2) Avoid commuting by overcrowded public transport;
3) Be vigilant, notify any suspicious person to the police;
4) Do not allow your young children to move alone. Give them protection;
5) Teach others how one can be alert all the time;
6) Avoid visting temples on festival days for long hours.
7) Keep discouraging youths from visiting busy market places and cinema halls;
8) Shout, if you see anything objectionable;
9) Do not entertain anyone you do not know. The terrorist may disguise as a friend.
10) And be brave to takle any eventuality.

Friends, it is India, where human life is cheaper than any other worldly things. What an act of derision it is, where most people assume the existence of their constitutional right of freedom to live, as fact, and thereby forces our government to amuse wryly at the naiveness of the people?


Blogger Rajeev Lochan Sharma said...

Hi Mahi I came across this blog while researching for my blog. I write on traffic problems and their proposed solutions. Its a great blog put together. I am glad people are not only thinking but promoting too the need to take the ownership. Yes we need to take the ownership than just looking up to the government, the police and other authorities. Rightly pointed out by you that the terrorist has to succeed in only one of his hundred attempts while police has to foil all hundred of his attempts. If we be lil more vigilant we actually can help police avoid (Or I should say foil) these attacks. But one thing that I would like to add here is I don't agree with your 10 commandments. It is necessary to Be vigilant, notify any suspicious person to the police. But I will not avoid commuting by overcrowded public transport or visiting the temples. I don't find it right. I just cant hide in my room and feel safe from the attacks. What if the attack happens in my local Market (This happened in last blast in Delhi). I am not sure what I will recommend as 10 commandments, right away. But I'll sure like to add my version of it. Still a good post.

October 6, 2008 at 1:36 AM  
Blogger Mahi Prasad said...

Hi Rajeev, I'm sorry for responding so late. It is heartening that you read my blog and commented. It's really difficult to observe those commandments, but my dear life is very precious and one should do everything to protect it.

anyway, I'll surely read your blog and post my comment.

November 17, 2008 at 4:15 AM  

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