Friday, November 21, 2008

Well Done

A fortnight ago, one youth was shot at by the cops at Bhiwani.  Unfortunately, the youth who was a student, died due to the brazen and inhuman approach taken by the police.  The residents of this upcoming town of Haryana got enraged and rampaged on the streets of Bhiwani for a couple of days only to protest against the Haryana police.

It is well known that the Haryana police is notorious while handling crimes.  In general, they are considered as ill-mannered, ungraceful and speak foul-mouth. Citizens of Haryana avoid making approach and parleys to the police.  The language used by the police here are unacceptable to any educated person.  In addition, they are corrupt.  They always look for hush money, and leave no opportunity to grab money by force from the people.  Collecting bribes from the vendors, checking the vehicle papers, clearing security pertaining to issuing of passports, are some of the routine matters from where they force people to cough up as much as they can.  Otherwise....

The DSP of Haryana Police at Bhiwani has recently ordered that indignant and impatient police officials will not be carrying service revolvers any more while on duty, and they would be asked to do jobs in the office room only, and not on roads.  This is a very welcome measure and must be admired. The DSP concern is reminded to take steps also regarding the behaviour of Haryana Police. At present, Haryana is rated amongst the best state of India and its people are performing excellently in different places. Considering this aspect, Haryana deserves a very matured police force who are well behaved, caring and  receptive. The days seem gone when a policeman could talk uncouth with the modern Haryanvi.  Looking at it, now the time is ripe when the police authority creates a vocational school for its employees and extends behavioral education, so that its force wedges a good name for itself, ala the State.


Blogger Open Mind said...

Mahi, it is truly a great decision on the DSP's part but don't you think that these decisions are coming a bit late whereas they should have been implemented long before.

What's your take on this.

November 24, 2008 at 5:49 AM  

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