Saturday, March 21, 2009

Finally the West Concedes

A recent report states that the US President Barack Obama has urged its citizens to raise their standards of education in order to compete with the students of India and China in recent future. He categorically feels that a number of reforms are required to get the situation improved. It's indeed ear-soothing to hear such compliment from a dignitary not less than the US President.

The children of affluent western countries do not really face the anguish that our children are accustomed with since they learn to toddle. Admission to nursery schools in western countries are no way matter of concern, be it a government aided school or a private paid school. While here in India, we have seen during the past month how the pains were inflicted on the parents of 3-4 years old children while getting a seat in a good school in Delhi. Schooling in the western world is fun and very encouraging. However, it's not as nice here as it sounds. In U.K. the college counsellors visit every school to encourage students to join their institutions, after high school. The admission to the colleges are as easy as ABC in the western countries, whereas most of the students in India stay deprived from getting entrance into the colleges. Yet they fight, they fight for few seats, they keep fighting even if they do not get a chance to find a place in any college. In such cases, the Indian students by virtue of their fighting spirit enroll themselves in distance learning, but do not distance themselves from fighting for better future.

This aspect of the Indian students are really adorable, and that is where a commoner like Barack Obama had observed in his younger days. The earlier Presidents of United States were richer in their high lineage and so they could not perceive the spirits inherited by the Indian students. The President Obama has realised that the fighting spirit of the students of India is the backbone behind the advent of Indian growth in every aspect of life. In a way, he has conceded that India and China are marching ahead, whereas the people of the United States are slipping away. Thanks Mr. President.

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